Unprecedented Reliability to Ensure Seamless Onsite Wireless Communication


Real Time Insights
Real time data feeds a user friendly cloud dashboard that allows you to monitor all assets in operation. No need to have someone digging through data to look for issues. PeakYield™ Technology app pushes issues to the top and sends immediate email and SMS notifications.
Continuous Updates
Remote firmware updates allow your TerraTrak system to stay up to date with the latest software innovations, perform enhancements and bug fixes.
Safe and Secure
Keep your assets safe and secure with our automated weather stow functionality. Onsite weather stations monitor wind and snow conditions and automatically stow the site when thresholds are crossed. Terratrak is also integrated with a weather API which allows us to forecast bad weather and allows you to proactively stow your sites before bad weather approaches.
Troubleshooting / Diagnosis
With all data stored in TerraTrak's cloud, the system is able to run predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to surface issues that were once buried. Issues like battery failures can be addressed before they cause problems. Machine learning allows TerraTrak to tell when a row isn’t tracking on its normal path.
Zone Controls
TerraTrak controls allow you to perform routine maintenance like mowing and washing on a portion of the site while the rest of your site continues tracking for optimum power generation.
Predictive Analytics
The persistent cellular connection allows the TerraTrack team to troubleshoot each site remotely without rolling a truck. Our Admin Panel allows us to see inside your project site, view real time data, and investigate historical data that often leads to identification of the issue.

TerraTrak Communication Architecture

TerraTrak Communication Architecture

Driven By A Desire to Go Further Than Ever Before

PeakYield™ technology optimizes energy yield by improving all aspects of utility scale projects through efficient land utilization, reduced construction cost, and sophisticated intelligence that improves production output while significantly reducing operating downtime.
  • Get More By Using Less
    Get More By Using Less

    Utilize land more wisely through smart design strategies that increase power density of each site.

  • Build More Efficiently
    Build More Efficiently

    Save on land cost by selecting sites with undulating terrain and difficult sub-surface conditions that traditional trackers are unable to accommodate.

  • New Altitudes
    New Altitudes

    With breakthrough backtracking algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning techniques reaching a higher peak in energy yield is now possible.

  • Unmatched Visibility
    Unmatched Visibility

    Real-time performance monitoring provides rapid response capabilities to identify and troubleshoot any issues remotely to decrease downtime events.

Complete Control.
Anywhere. Anytime.

We make it easy for you to know how your tracker is performing at all times. With customizable, real time push notifications to any mobile device you always know if your tracker is on track.

Seamlessly Monitor All Tracker Assets
From One User Friendly Dashboard

Seamlessly Monitor All Tracker Assets <br> From One User Friendly Dashboard

The Wait is Finally Over

Change the way you track and reach the peak in energy yield